Manufacturing Unit

De Chokolatl Factory is a mesmerizing effect with Chocolates made and packaged in Machinery from Europe. A technology that creates an art in itself with world class facilities from Paithan Mega Food Park makes the Plant Enthralling Ambience. Our processing Unit is the place we marry our passion for chocolate with pure imagination. Every delicious creation is handcrafted by our team of chocolatiers. Together, they play with new flavors and fresh ingredients, perfecting recipes and creating moments of surprise. From the Kitchen where our caramel is hand-stirred to the milk, cream and the Chocolate that come together to form the base of our indulgent ganache, we touch every step along the way.

Sourcing and Ingredients:

We source organic and fair-trade ingredients whenever possible and prioritize purchasing from vendors who are FDA approved. We partner fairly with cocoa and ingredient sourcing partners thus supporting with the goal of COCOA farmer communities.

All our fillings comprising Fresh fruit Pulp , we source it directly from Farmers near to vicinity. Hence our Chocolates are 100% Natural .