Key Management

Shruthi Mambully, Managing Director

Shruthi Mambully is a dynamic and passionate leader with an expertise in Chocolate Industry. Being a First generation Entrepreneur she is an setting stone and instrumental force behind the Sucess of The Premier Foods & Consultancy which is the Stepping stone of De Chokolatl. She is the women with Vision and Mission having in- built qualities of converting every business Opportunity at optimum level. Shruthi’s fusion of indigenous spices, flowers, roots, herbs and liqueurs with premium chocolate creates a sensory experience that nurtures awareness of and appreciation for the world’s diverse cultures. With an immense Bussiness strategic knowledge she sucessfully runs all activities with shear commitment and dedication. Team building expertise , she builds and nuture’s a team which works as Family bringing immense creativity of art.

Shruti Parekh, Director

Shruti Parekh is dynamic and resourceful lady. A background and experience in creativity , she engraves her excellence to artify the beauty of Chocolates through Colours. With a vision to develop abstract effect through chocolates, she leads the creative team of the Company.

Priyanka Khabiya, Director

Priyanka Khabiya is a Lady of Long term promised Meticulous Planner and Business accumen. With Professional business management excellence and profound self experience in Family Business, she remarks herself for leading Business and strategy Planning Team. With wide experience in management, her vision aims to deliver High Quality and Target Work.